The MainBoss @Requests operation “Update Logs” takes an unreasonably long time to complete. Can I speed it up?

Symptoms: As MainBoss @Requests goes through the Update Logs operation it takes several minutes, if not longer, to complete. This problem occurs whether @Requests automatically performs this operation or the user specifically clicks on Actions->Update Logs.

Possible Cause: MainBoss @Requests may contain a large number of email records in the Completed and Void bins. Whenever MainBoss @Requests performs the Update Logs operation, it searches through the Completed and Void bins in case any Work Order in MainBoss CMMS has been reopened or un-voided. Depending on how many emails are present, it may take the program several minutes to do this.

Possible solution:

  1. Open the MainBoss @Requests program and check the Completed and Void bins by clicking on the appropriate icons on the left side of the window.
  2. If either or both bins contain a large number of emails (more than 500 for example), empty the bins by deleting the emails. To delete the emails, follow these steps:
    1. Click on the Completed bin icon on the left hand side of the MainBoss @Requests window.
    2. You will now see list of the completed email requests in the upper portion of the main section of the MainBoss @Requests window. The headings for this section are From, Subject, Ref #, and Received.
    3. You can delete individual requests by clicking on each with your left mouse button to highlight it and then clicking with you right mouse button and choosing Delete from the little pop-up window.
    4. You can delete all or a range of the completed requests by clicking on the first request and then simultaneously holding down the shift key and pressing the down arrow on your keyboard to highlight all the requests you wish to delete. Once all requests are highlighted, right click on the selection and choose Delete from the pop up window.
    5. The same procedure can be done with the Void bin.
  3. Emails contained in the Completed and Void bin have already been processed through MainBoss CMMS. Unless you have re-opened or un-voided a Work Order, it will not affect your work order history if the requests are deleted out of the Completed and Void bins.

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