What's New in MainBoss Basic 2.9, Update 9

MainBoss 2.9 Update 9 has been revised so that it works on 64-bit computers. What does this mean? Up until recently, most Windows computers used a type of hardware in which data and machine instructions were represented in 32-bit chunks. However, many modern computers are now using 64-bit chunks instead. If you buy a new Windows 7 computer, the odds are good that you'll get a 64-bit machine.

Because of a Microsoft error, previous versions of MainBoss Basic do not work on 64-bit versions of Windows (which includes versions of both Windows 7 and Vista). If you buy such a computer, you will not be able to run older versions of MainBoss Basic on it. You must upgrade to MainBoss Basic 2.9 Update 9.

This version of MainBoss Basic requires license keys dated March 1, 2011 or later.

Other Changes: In addition to adapting the software to support 64-bit computers, MainBoss 2.9 Update 9 fixes a bug related to printing multiple copies of reports in Windows 7 and Vista.