Free MainBoss System

The free MainBoss windows desktop system enables a single user to keep track of maintenance problems and their resolution. Maintenance requests can be manually entered, or a client can directly submit requests by e-mail.

Windows 10 users should get MainBoss from the Windows Store. All other Windows desktop users or those that require the MainBoss Service should download from Thinkage.

Who uses it?

Landlords of rental properties can use MainBoss to track tenant maintenance requests. Manufacturing maintenance can track equipment breakdowns and corrective repairs. Schools, hospitals, hotels, universities, stadiums, museums, and other facilities can organize their assets and respond to repair requests.

What is free?

For no charge and for as long as needed, MainBoss will keep track of

What else do I get?

MainBoss provides

Additional module details are available at MainBoss Modules and pricing is provided at MainBoss Pricing. Modules may be purchased separately and added to an existing MainBoss configuration.

Thinkage can also provide training, setup and other consultation services.

Please email us at or phone us at +1-519-895-1860 or +1-800-563-0894 with any questions you have or if you are having problems setting up the MainBoss system.

Why are we giving away MainBoss for free?