I exported report data to Microsoft Excel, but I can't do anything with it. What's wrong?

MainBoss has two ways to export data to Excel:

To import data into Excel 2007, you must have the Developer tab shown in Excel's ribbon.

Show the Developer tab, if you don't see the Developer tab, do the following to display it:

In Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016:

Once you have the Developer tab shown in the ribbon, you can import XML data into Excel as follows:

  1. In the main Excel window, click "Developer" in the ribbon.
  2. In the XML section of the ribbon, click "Import".
  3. In the resulting window, specify the name of the XML data file.
    • Excel may give you a message saying that it can't find a schema and therefore is creating its own schema. Just click OK.
    • Excel gives you the option of reading the data file into the current spreadsheet or into a new one. Choose one and click OK.

Row Height Too Small

With some reports (e.g. Unit Maintenance Plans), data exported to an Excel spreadsheet may have the Row Height set too small for some data fields. To solve the problem, select the entire spreadsheet then use Excel's AutoFit Row Height operation. This is typically found on the Home ribbon; use the drop-down arrow associated with the Format button in the Cells section, then select AutoFit Row Height from the menu.

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