About Thinkage Ltd.

Founded in 1991, Thinkage Ltd. has a proven track record for developing powerful, easy-to-use software. Located near the University of Waterloo (one of the world's top ranking computer science institutions) and Wilfrid Laurier University (which specializes in business administration), we have access to a talented pool of university graduates, many of whom are fluent in a second language. With a staff of multilingual employees, we are able to sell and provide support to customers around the world making use of the latest in communications technologies.

MainBoss Maintenance Software is the flagship of Thinkage's CMMS division. MainBoss enables maintenance management professionals to plan maintenance functions, improve productivity, lower overall maintenance costs and record and store valuable information about maintenance operations.

For more information on Thinkage Ltd. or MainBoss maintenance management software, please contact us at: info@mainboss.com