@Requests is rejecting incoming e-mail with the message "can't append to contacts table: 0x0014". How do I fix this?

Error code 0x0014 is issued when @Requests tries to add a new contact name to the list of authorized requestors but finds that there are already two requestors in the list with the same name. In other words, @Requests lets you have two different e-mail addresses with the same associated contact name, but you can't have three. If you have @Requests set up so that it automatically tries to add new requestors to the contacts table, this error occurs when @Requests runs into a potential "triplicate".

Often this problem happens because your list of recognized requestors contains old entries, dating back to a time when current users had different e-mail addresses. In this case, delete the outdated addresses in order to get rid of potential triplicates. To delete old contact information, use Tables -> Contacts.

The problem can also occur if a particular user has more than two e-mail addresses and wants to submit e-mail requests from all of them. In this case, you must manually create contact table entries for the different addresses, with no two entries having exactly the same name. For example, you might create an entry for "John Smith" and "J. Smith" or "John  Smith" (with two spaces between the names instead of one).

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