How can I modify the format of my work orders?

You can use the Custom Text facilities of MainBoss to change what gets printed on a work order. In particular, you can add new text or change existing text to get what you want.

To use the Custom Text facilities, login as Administrator and go to Administration -> Preferences -> Custom Text. This opens a window that lets you change the text that MainBoss uses.

To begin, you must create a file that will contain your new text strings. Click Create Custom. MainBoss will open a list of possible languages for your text. (You may create different text strings for different languages.) Choose the language that corresponds to your Windows regional settings; for example, English-speaking users in the United States would choose

English 0009
English speakers outside the U.S. might choose a specific country, as in
English (Australia) 0c09
Click on a line, then click the Create button. This creates a file to hold your text.

Once you've created your file, you can make changes. In particular, to change parts of a work order, click the Forms button. This opens a window where you can change the text that's displayed in forms (e.g. work orders and purchase orders).

The Report Key box lets you select which text you want to change. Choose any option and the customization window shows you the default value—what MainBoss uses if you don't change anything—and any custom value that you have specified. To specify a new value, remove the checkmark from Use Default Text, then edit whatever appears in the "Custom" part of the window.

Once you have made a change, any MainBoss user whose regional settings match the chosen language will get the strings that you specify. Your changes affect everyone, not just yourself.

Here are some fields you might consider changing:

WO Trailer in Forms
Lines that appear at the end of an open work order when it's printed. If you print a closed work order, these lines do not appear.
PO Trailer in Forms
Lines that appear at the end of a purchase order when it's printed (whether the PO is open or closed).
WO Instructions in Forms
Lines that appear in a special "Instructions" section of a printed work order.

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