I want to turn Security off or on, but when I go to Administration -> Security -> Users, I don't see a button saying "Turn Security Off" or "Turn Security On". What should I do?

If you forget your administrator password and contact MainBoss support for help, we will tell you how to set up a special "emergency" administration account. This makes it possible for you to assign passwords to all other users including the usual ADMINISTRATOR.

When you set up this kind of "emergency" administration account, the "Turn Security Off/On" button is replaced by a different button labeled "Disable Default Admin". This will get rid of the "emergency" administration account; we highly recommend that you do this as soon as you have assigned a new password for ADMINISTRATOR.

As soon as you click "Disable Default Admin", the button turns back into "Turn Security Off" or "Turn Security On", and you can set your security appropriately. Until you disable the "emergency" administrator, you can NOT change your security setting.

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