How do I configure POP3 for use with Microsoft Exchange and MainBoss Basic?

The following references provide information for configuring POP3 with various versions of Microsoft Exchange:

Configuring the Firewall to Allow POP3

You should also configure your Windows Firewall so that it only allows POP3 connections for sites in your local network (not the Internet at large). To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Configure POP3 and start the service as described in the web pages noted above.
  2. Login to an account with Windows Administrator privileges.
  3. In the usual Windows Start menu, right-click "Computer", then click Manage.
  4. In the resulting window, expand "Services and Applications".
  5. In the resulting expansion, click "Services".
  6. In the right-hand part of the window, locate "Microsoft Exchange POP3". Double-click the entry.
  7. In the "General" tab of the resulting window, make note of the pathname in "Path to Executable". This is the file you want to configure in Windows Firewall.
  8. Go to the computerís Windows Control Panel and choose "Windows Firewall".

The rest of the procedure depends on which version of Windows you have. On Windows 7 or later, do the following:

On Vista or Windows XP, do the following: