Work orders don't appear on dates when preventive maintenance should be scheduled

MainBoss Basic does not automatically generate work orders; you have to tell MainBoss to create the work orders. You do this by clicking Generate Work Orders in the Preventive Maintenance menu. MainBoss opens a window where you specify a range of dates for which you want work orders; for example, if you want to create work orders to the end of the month, specify the first day of the next month in "Next Generate Date".  When you click Start, MainBoss will generate work orders for all preventive maintenance tasks that should be carried out in the time range specified.

By default, MainBoss sets up the Generate Work Orders dates so that you can generate work orders every week. To change this frequency (for example, generating the work orders once a month), start the MainBoss Administration program and select Default Values from the Preferences menu; then set the "Frequency" field to a number of days. For example, if you set "Frequency" to 30, MainBoss assumes that you intend to generate work orders once a month rather than every week.

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