Viewing AutoCAD drawings

Having AutoCAD installed on your system will allow you to view and print drawings in the same manner that you can view and print documents which require MS Word or WordPerfect. However not every system accessing MainBoss is likely to be licensed for the full version of AutoCAD.

An inexpensive alternative for viewing and printing both documents and drawings is to install a viewer such as Autodesk's Volo View (U.S.$49). This will allow you to view, mark up, measure, compare, and print your CAD drawings, without risking changes to the original AutoCAD file. It also lets you view many different document types, including raster image and business formats. Volo View may also be used in conjunction with a browser like MS Internet Explorer for Internet & Intranet document and drawing viewing.

Complete information about Volo View is available at the Autodesk web site,

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