Thinkage GCOS8 Data Retrieval Tools

Thinkage maintains a number of tools to facilitate retrieval of GCOS8 data on non GCOS8 systems. These tools are typically UNIX and/or Windows NT/2000/XP commands which can extract files from GCOS8 save tapes and translate GCOS8 GFRC files (media 6 and media 2) into a usable UNIX or Windows format.

Please refer to the online help for these tools from the following list for further information:

Thinkage can also provide consulting services and modification to our tools to aid with any other form of data retrieval you may require.

Thinkage also has a GCOS8 TAR command, capable of gathering GCOS8 files into a UNIX-like "tar archive"; this archive file can then be transferred to a UNIX system and manipulated using the normal UNIX "tar" command.

Please contact with your data retrieval requirements.