Thinkage GCOS Data Retrieval Tool - GCOS_CLIST


gcos_clist - CLIST files from GCOS8 SAVE tapes.


gcos_clist [pathname]


gcos_clist locates and displays a CLIST type listing of GCOS8 files from GCOS8 user, master and since SAVE tapes.

The SAVE information can be obtained from true tape devices, or from a tape image file that has been prepared with the gcos_tape command.

Standard GFRC tape labeling procedures are applied during processing. If the labels don't match, you will be prompted either to continue or to change to a new tape. You many also change the input device and/or expected label at the prompt.

The environment variable "TAPE" value is used as the tape device, if defined. Otherwise, the default tape device is "/dev/rst1".

If you specify a '*' as the pathname, gcos_clist will display the userids that have been saved on a master tape, as well as the save tape information.


gcos_tape, gcos_restore