Thinkage GCOS Data Retrieval Tool - GCOS_CAT


gcos_cat - concatenate and display GCOS8 GFRC files


gcos_cat [-] [filename]


gcos_cat reads each GCOS8 Standard System Format filename in sequence and displays the contents of each on the standard output. Thus:
example% gcos_cat b/manif/tsscom.S

displays the contents of manifest file tsscom.S on the standard output.

example% gcos_cat opntutil/save.S | sed -e 's/ *$//'

displays the contents of Media-2 BCD spawn jcl save.S on the standard output after stripping trailing blanks using sed.

example% gcos_cat goodies1.S goodies2.S > goodies3

concatenates the first two files and places the result in the third file.

If you do not specify a filename argument or if you specify `-' gcos_cat reads from the standard input. The standard input must be a GCOS8 format Media-6 input file.


Only GFRC Media 0, 2 and 6 are understood. Trailing blanks from Media-2 fixed-length records are not stripped.