Thinkage FXFER Software Package

FXFER offers a reliable file transfer mechanism between different computing platforms, especially between GCOS8 and UNIX machines.

Users submit file transfer requests to a software server. The server then fulfills those requests according to a schedule set by the site; for example, the server may be configured to "wake up" at regular intervals throughout the day, or to put off its work until a time when the system load is expected to be low. If a particular file transfer request fails, the server keeps trying to make the transfer until it either succeeds or determines that the request cannot be honored (for example, because the user doesn't have appropriate permissions to read/write the desired file).

FXFER's greatest strength is reliability: either it transfers the desired file(s) or it sends you an E-mail message explaining why the request could not be honored. Good security control is provided on both ends of the transfer, both for the site and for the users who make file transfer requests. FXFER is a robust and stable product, ideal for sites in the process of migrating from GCOS8 to UNIX platforms.

The FXFER package also includes the GCOS8 Data Retrieval Tools.