Thinkage GCOS Data Retrieval Tool - GCOS_TAPE


gcos_tape - transfer a GCOS8 standard system tape to an image file


gcos_tape [-f tapename] filename


gcos_tape reads all the files and records on a GCOS8 tape and builds a single image file. The image file contains information that allows it to be used in place of the physical tape device as input to other programs that read GCOS8 tapes.

The program reports the number of files, records per file, and bytes of information that is transferred to the image file.

gcos_tape stops reading the tape if an I/O error is encountered, or if it finds a file containing no records (i.e. double EOF at end of tape).

If tapename is not specified, gcos_tape uses the environment variable TAPE. If TAPE. does not exist, gcos_tape uses the device /dev/rst1.

tapename refers to a raw tape device.