Planned Maintenance Problems

Why Didn't That Work Order Get Generated?

Occasionally, MainBoss may have difficulty creating an appropriate work order when a planned maintenance job comes due. A typical cause is that important information is missing—to make the final work order, MainBoss may draw on information from many different records, and if a single one of those records doesn't have a particular field filled in, MainBoss may not be able to create the final work order.

In older versions of MainBoss, it was sometimes difficult to determine why a particular work order couldn't be created. Now, however, the window for generating such orders (Planned Maintenance Batch) has an errors section which clearly explains any problems. This gives you a chance to fix any records that need corrections and to generate appropriate work orders by hand. (Once you've corrected the erroneous records, you can use New Create unplanned Maintenance Work Order to create an appropriate work order from the unit maintenance plan that had the problem.)

(For information on interpreting the contents of the Generation Details section of a planned maintenance batch record, see our FAQ article on the subject.