MainBoss Advanced, Version 3.4.1:
Installing MainBoss Service Over an Existing Version

Important: This page describes how to update MainBoss Service if you already have MainBoss Service (or the older @Requests service) installed at your site. If you have never installed MainBoss Service at your site, click here for instructions.

The new version of MainBoss Service will use the same configuration as the previous version—there is no need to make changes. If, for some reason, you intend to change your MainBoss configuration at this time, it's best to proceed as if this is a brand new installation of the software. Uninstall MainBoss Service as discussed in the next section, then go to the New Installation page to follow the given steps.

If you also have the Web Requests and/or Web Access modules, we recommend that you temporarily shut down your MainBossRemote web site while you are uninstalling the old MainBoss Service and installing/configuring the new. Otherwise, people trying to submit requests may find the web page freezing as it tries to talk with a MainBoss Service that isn't there.

Note: With previous updates of MainBoss, you were required to stop and uninstall the old MainBoss Service before installing the new version. This is no longer necessary. When you install the MainBoss package, the installation procedure will ask if you want to stop MainBoss Service or wait until you restart your computer.

Installing the MainBoss Service Software

To install the new MainBoss Service software, follow these steps:

1. Login to Windows using an account with Windows Administrator privileges.

2. to obtain a ZIP file named containing the files for installing MainBoss Service.

3. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into a folder of your choice.

4. Once you have extracted the files, execute the extracted setup.exe file.
(Do not execute the .msi file directly.)

Configuring the Service

Once you have installed the MainBoss Service software, you must configure MainBoss to use the service. You must do this, even if you have an existing configuration; however, activating an existing configuration is much simpler than making a new one.

For technical reasons, configuration must be done on the computer where MainBoss Service will run. Therefore, a copy of MainBoss must be installed on the computer where MainBoss Service will run. If necessary, you can uninstall this copy after you've done the configuration. Click here for instructions on installing MainBoss.

When you configure the service, you must be logged in with a login name that has Windows Administrator privileges. Also, one of the following must be true:

To configure MainBoss Service, follow these steps:

  1. On the computer where MainBoss Service will run, login to Windows under a login name with Windows Administrator privileges.
  2. Start MainBoss. (As noted above, you have to be a recognized MainBoss Administrator, or else you need to use "Run as Administrator".)
  3. In the MainBoss control panel, go to Administration | MainBoss Service | Configuration.
  4. You will see that you have an existing configuration record (containing information from the previous version of MainBoss). If you wish to change your configuration, click on the record, then click Edit. Edit the configuration as you wish (following information from the MainBoss Installation and Administration Guide. When you've finished, save the information and close the configuration window.
  5. In Administration | MainBoss Service | Configuration, click Set Service Parameters. On recent versions of Windows, you will be asked for permission to elevate the operation with Windows Administration privileges. Once you have granted this permission, MainBoss Service configuration information will be copied into the Windows registry and the Start mode of MainBoss Service will be set to automatic. (There will be no interaction with the user once you grant the operation permission; MainBoss just goes ahead and does everything that's necessary.)
  6. Quit MainBoss. (This is necessary due to a technical glitch in Windows—certain pieces of necessary information are only recorded when MainBoss terminates, so you may not be able to start MainBoss Service unless you quit MainBoss, then start again.)

Note on configuration: If you also have the Web Requests and/or Web Access module, make sure that you set the "MainBoss Remote URL for E-mail notifications" field in the configuration of MainBoss Service (in the Outgoing Mail) section. This field should specify the URL of your MainBoss Remote web site; MainBoss Service needs this in order to generate links to the web site in e-mail messages that are sent out as acknowledgements.

Starting the Service

When the MainBoss Service software is initially installed, the service will be disabled. (This is true even if you never explicitly stopped the service—the procedure for installing the new software stops the service.)

You must now restart the service. To start MainBoss Service, you must be logged in with a login name that has Windows Administrator privileges. Also, one of the following must be true:

As noted in the previous section, you must quit the MainBoss program between configuring the service and starting it. When you're ready to start MainBoss Service, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Windows and start MainBoss.
  2. In the MainBoss control panel, go to Administration | MainBoss Service.
  3. Click Start Service. (If Start Service is not enabled, go to MainBoss's Session menu, and click "Change Maintenance Organization". Reopen your maintenance organization; the Start Service button should now be enabled.)

You only need to do start the service once. From that point on, MainBoss Service will start automatically whenever your computer boots.

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