Software Maintenance

When we talk about maintenance, usually we mean the sort of work that is done with a wrench and similar tools. However, the term "maintenance" is also used by people who deal with computer software...and MainBoss can help with that kind of maintenance too. In fact, we use MainBoss here at Thinkage to keep track of the changes we make in MainBoss itself.

For example, when we receive a suggestion from a customer, we write it up as a work request which we store in a MainBoss database. Our programmers may then add comments to the request to discuss whether or not the suggestion should be implemented. If we decide to go ahead, we create a work order from it which is assigned to one or more programmers. As the programmers work on this, they may occasionally add comments to the work order; this may include a discussion of the changes that have to be made and any related technical details. When the programming is finally done, the work order is then given the status "To be documented" and a technical writer is assigned to make appropriate changes to our manuals, help files, and/or web site.

You could use a similar approach for any computer work you do at your site, even if you only use a few spreadsheets and perhaps some accounting software. If your department uses software and occasionally updates it, that's one more thing you can track in MainBoss. Sometimes that kind of record is important!