Employee Training and Certification

Many organizations send employees on training courses—in fact, occasional training and recertification are legally required in some industries. If keeping track of training is important to your maintenance department, then why not use MainBoss?

It's simple: you create unit records for the workers who need training or recertification. Then you set up unit maintenance plans that will schedule whatever training is needed. For example, if Chris Smith has to get re-certified every two years, create a unit named "Chris Smith", a task called "Get re-certified", and a maintenance timing schedule "Every two years". When it's time for Chris to get re-certified, MainBoss will create an appropriate work order.

You can use the same approach for similar things you have to take care of. For example, if your department has licenses that need to be renewed on a regular basis, you can set up unit maintenance plans that will remind you to make the renewals.