What's New in MainBoss 4.0: Changes to Reports

This web page lists a number changes to reports in MainBoss Advanced 4.0. For other changes, see:

New and Revised Reports

A number of changes have been made in reports, including the introduction of several new reports:

In addition, the Export Data operation (from the Export Data button) has been substantially changed. The operation exports data in XML format. In previous versions, this data included all the information that might be generated for the given report, regardless of the options that you've specified. Now, the exported data only includes the information that would be included in the report if you actually printed it.

For example, previous versions of MainBoss ignored any options you might specify in the Filters section—you saw all information from all possible records. Now, you only get information from records that satisfy your Filters criteria.

Field names in the XML now reflect column names and table names as they appear in the SQL database. Each field name is a concatenation of SQL names, unless the name has to be truncated because of XML's name limits (maximum 128 characters for a name).


Many new charts have been introduced to display information in an easy-to-understand graphical format.

For example, Work Orders | Charts | Average Work Order Duration by Grouping creates a bar graph showing the average duration of work orders as grouped by some option you specify. You might ask for average duration of work orders grouped by work category; the chart would then have a bar for each work category, and the length of each bar would represent the average duration of work orders in that category. Similarly, you might group by location, or unit category, or month, or many other possibilities.

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This version of MainBoss requires license keys dated January 1, 2015 or later. Keys for earlier releases will be considered out-of-date. For appropriate license keys, contact support@mainboss.com.