MainBoss Advanced Licensing and Warranty

All MainBoss software products are protected by both Canadian Copyright Law and International Treaty provisions.

MainBoss Advanced Licenses

MainBoss Advanced is a software package that may be installed on any number of computers. Licenses apply to the access and use of a database stored and maintained by Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server is governed by Microsoft's licensing agreements. Customers must obtain SQL Server software from Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft dealer; Thinkage does not supply Microsoft SQL Server, nor does Thinkage provide support for the software.

Each MainBoss Advanced license consists of a set of one or more sublicenses which must all be used with the same database. You may not use a sublicense on more than one database except as allowed by Test Databases below, nor may you "split up a set" of sublicenses across multiple databases. The following list describes the different types of sublicenses:

Test Databases

You may freely create MainBoss databases in order to evaluate or test features of software products you have licensed. You may also create such databases in order to test other software that works with MainBoss files (for example, software you have written to extract information from MainBoss files and produce customized reports). Such databases may only be used for the purpose of software testing—they must not be used to conduct actual maintenance work. As noted previously, you may only have one production database (i.e. one used to conduct actual maintenance work) for each set of licenses you have been issued.

Since test databases are only intended for limited testing, no test database should be used for longer than 30 days after the date of the database's creation.

MainBoss Annual Support

Thinkage Ltd. offers an annual support plan which may provide occasional updates to MainBoss Advanced software. The cost of a year's support is calculated as a percentage of the licensing cost for the software you currently have, based on the cost as it stands when you renew your support subscription (not the licensing cost that you originally paid).

Demonstration Copies

People who create a demonstration database with the built-in facilities of MainBoss Advanced are permitted to use the database for demonstration purposes until the data limitations imposed by the demonstration license have been reached. You may not attempt to circumvent the protections used by the demonstration software to remain in demonstration mode.

Titles, Warranties, and Liability

Thinkage Ltd. warrants that it has title to the MainBoss Maintenance Software Programs free of any lien, charge, encumbrance or claim. Title to the programs and any materials associated therewith shall at all times remain in Thinkage Ltd.

Thinkage Ltd. makes no representation with respect to the adequacy of these Programs for any particular purpose, or with respect to their adequacy to produce any particular result.

The User agrees to absolve Thinkage Ltd. of any responsibility for losses, costs, damages, or expenses of every nature or kind due to use of the Programs.

If the User finds the programs unsatisfactory in any way, the User's sole recourse is to request a refund of money already paid to Thinkage Ltd., within 30 days of purchase. In this case, Thinkage Ltd. will return this amount to the User in a timely manner. When the money has been returned, the User will destroy all of its copies of the programs and any products derived from the programs, and will cease to use the programs in any way.