INDEX - FRED explain files.

Most of the FRED explain files are portions of the manual.

expl fred basics
basic concepts of the FRED language
expl fred batch
using fred in a batch job
expl fred buffers
a guide for writing FRED buffers
expl fred boot
the FRED bootstrap buffer plus explanation
expl fred breaks
how FRED handles breaks
expl fred commands
a list of all valid command formats
expl fred delim
information on FRED delimiters and delimiter levels
expl fred escapes
stream directives and valid alternate formats for non-alphanumeric characters
expl fred files
file I/O in FRED
expl fred history
historical concepts supported by FRED at the moment
expl fred lib
a brief introduction to programs in the FRED library
expl fred lines
an explanation of line addresses in FRED
expl fred patterns
a list of the rules for forming patterns in FRED, plus examples
expl fred programs
a brief explanation of how to use buffers as programs in FRED
expl fred specials
special considerations (bugs)
expl fred stream
stream directives in FRED
expl fred summary
a terse handbook for the FRED language.
expl fred tutorial
the beginner's guide to FRED

The following references provide full information about specific FRED commands.

A - append
B - buffer
C - change
D - delete
E - define pattern
F - find information
G - global
I - insert
J - jump
K - copy
L - list file
M - move text
N - numeric operation
O - set options
    OB - set number of memory pages
    OC - translate one input string to another
    OI - input options
    OM - monitor execution of buffers
    OO - output options
    OP - page size
    OQ - options for quitting
    OR - read permissions option
    OS - string matching options
    OT - tab stops
    OW - line width
P - print line(s)
Q - quit
R - read file
S - substitute
T - test
U - loop until
V - void (undo)
W - write
Y - why?
Z - zap commands
    ZA - append buffer contents
    ZB - sort in reverse order
    ZC - clear questionable flag
    ZD - delete buffer
    ZG - gather output
    ZI - change spaces to tabs
    ZK - copy from one buffer to another
    ZL - convert to lower case
    ZM - move from one buffer to another
    ZO - change tabs to spaces
    ZP - display buffer contents
    ZR - go to buffer containing file
    ZS - sort in ascending order
    ZT - translate characters
    ZU - convert to upper case
    ZV - undo most recent V command
    ZW - append buffer to file
@ - set label
\ - wait
: - display window
" - comment
= - display line address
! - execute system command
# - display count register

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