HISTORY - constructs that should be considered obsolete.

Several commands in FRED should be regarded as historical. Such features are supported by the current version of the editor because of similar features in FRED's predecessor QED. However, future versions of FRED may not support some of these features, since they are either redundant or unnecessary.


The construction


is equivalent to the line address


In the same way,


is equivalent to the line address


Alternate Format for Jumps:

The JM, JP, and JE commands may be issued in the alternate format

jm Remarks
jp Remarks
je Remarks

as in

jm This is just a comment.

There must be a space immediately following the JM, JP, or JE and a new-line following the Remarks. FRED will output everything between this space and the first unescaped new-line character. Stream directives will be expanded in these remarks.

The FRED Userid:

At one time, all of the FRED programs that came with the FRED package were stored under a userid named fred. To support this, FRED looked for programs under fred as well as userid/fred.

Now, all FRED programs are stored under the library account in the catalog


For a limited time, FRED will look for programs under userid/fred and under both fred and library/fred. Sooner or later, however, FRED will stop looking under the fred account.

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