O+W - Set line width.






is a positive integer.


When FRED displays text on the terminal screen, long lines may "wrap around" on the screen. For example, many screens are 80 characters wide; lines that are 100 characters long may be displayed with the first 80 characters on one line and the last 20 on the next line.

This wrap around is performed by the terminal handler, not by FRED itself. However, FRED can take this wrap around into account when displaying text on the screen.


tells FRED that the terminal handler displays a maximum of "n" characters per line, then wraps around to a new line. For example, suppose you set

o+w80 o+p24

to say that your terminal screen is 80 characters wide and 24 lines long. Also suppose that you are displaying a file with *P and that one line in the file is 100 characters long. Then for the purposes of displaying the file, FRED will count that single line as two lines on the screen, since FRED assumes the terminal handler will make that line wrap around.

The O-W option tells FRED to count each line of text in the file as a single line of text on the screen. In this case, FRED ignores any wrap around that may take place when the terminal handler displays the lines.

If you omit the number "n" in O+Wn, FRED uses the most recent number specified in an O+Wn command. If there was no previous O+Wn command, the default line width is 80 characters.

You can also specify a line width with O-W, as in O-W80. If you then issue an O+W command (without a line width), FRED takes the line width from the preceding O-W command.

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