LIB - the FRED library.


A number of useful FRED programs are stored under LIBRARY/FRED. These programs can all be invoked with a command line of the form


where NAME is the name of the file that contains the FRED program and OPTIONS is a list of options (separated by blanks). You do not have to give the full pathname of files stored under LIBRARY/FRED.

As an example, if you want to use the LIBRARY/FRED/FORM program to format a FORTRAN program stored in the file fbaggins/src, you would say

fred form fbaggins/src

For a list of the FRED programs available under LIBRARY/FRED, issue the command

fred libindex

At some sites, there are also programs directly under the FRED userid. A list of these can be obtained with

fred libindex fred

For more details on any of these programs, use the LIBRARY/FRED/EXPL program as in

fred expl form

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