O+M - Set monitor option.




O+M tells FRED to monitor all work done during execution of buffers. This includes work done with the hidden buffers used by G and U commands, as well as with user-defined buffers. In this way, FRED provides a trace of what commands were executed from the buffer.

The Monitor output printed to the terminal is a character by character reproduction of the commands and text used by FRED while executing the buffer. Thus, for example, comments following a " are not printed, since FRED does not use them. In the same way, lines and portions of lines skipped by Jump commands are not printed in Monitor output.

Stream directives converted into other characters are not printed in Monitor output. Instead FRED prints the characters that replace them. For this reason, a \B(bufname) construction will not be printed in monitor output, but you will see the actual contents of the buffer.

Generally speaking, Monitor output is printed horizontally with many commands on the same line. The new-line ending a G or U command list is printed as a carriage return at the end of every execution of the hidden buffers that G or U use.

O-M turns off printing of Monitor output. FRED's default is O-M.

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