\ - Sleep.




is the number of seconds that FRED should sleep. This may be omitted.




\ puts FRED to sleep for a given number of seconds. If you omit the number, FRED sleeps for one hour. The longest you can wait is 24 hours.

If the number specified is zero, the terminal output buffer is flushed immediately and FRED does not go to sleep. This is useful when you want to print out messages during FRED programs that run for a long time. Normally the output would accumulate in the terminal output buffer and would not be printed until the buffer was full.

Pressing BREAK or ATTN will wake FRED up immediately. If \ is executing out of a buffer, pressing BREAK or ATTN to end a wait will not stop execution of the buffer. FRED will set the condition register FALSE and will continue execution with the command immediately following \.

The backslash character \ is FRED's default escape character. This means that you usually have to type two (\\) to set up a Sleep command.

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