O+Q - Set quit option.




When this option is on (O+Q), pressing the BREAK or ATTN key quits FRED and returns you to the previous subsystem. The JE command will also quit FRED.

O+Q has several special effects when FRED is operating as part of a CRUN file. If FRED is executing under CRUN and O+Q is specified, JE makes the CRUN to abort unless $*$trap off has been specified. (More technically, if O+Q has been specified, JE issues a DRL T.ERR.)

Furthermore, when O+Q is in effect, commands like S, T, R, and so on will not give error messages if they fail. Instead, they will behave as if they were executed from a buffer. This makes it easier to write CRUN scripts.

There is always the chance that you may press the BREAK or ATTN key by accident while working at a terminal, so you should only use O+Q when operating out of a buffer or in stored programs. The default is O-Q (which turns off all the O+Q features).

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