COMMAND - FRED command summary.

Below we summarize the commands for FRED and their default line addresses. (.) means that a command will operate on the current line if no address is specified. (.,.) means that a command will operate on the current line if no addresses are specified; if one line address is specified, the command will operate on that one line only.

Commands may be separated by one or more spaces; sometimes no spaces are necessary.

Placing an item in square brackets (e.g. [item]) in the formats below means that the item is optional. Separating items with or-bars as in item1|item2|item3 means that the user has the choice of any of the given items.


A)   (.)A text                   Append text after line
B)      B(bufname)               Buffer
C) (.,.)C text                   Change lines
D) (.,.)D                        Delete lines
E)      E(patname)/pattern/      Name pattern
F)      F                        Current buffer facts
        F filename               Set current filename
        FB                       Print buffer facts
        FE                       Print pattern facts
        FF                       Print file facts
        FN                       Print number registers
        FO                       Print options
        FV                       Print version
        F?                       Questionable buffers
G) (1,$)G[~]/pattern/commands    Global
I)   (.)I text                   Insert text before line
J)      JM remarks               Jump Message
        JP remarks               Jump Prompt
        JE remarks               Jump Exit
        JO[T|F]                  Jump Out
        JB[T|F]                  Jump Break
        J(label)[T|F| ]commands  Jump to label
        J[T|F]                   Jump line
K) (.,.)K(bufname)               Kopy lines to buffer
L)      L[ filename]             List file on terminal
M) (.,.)M(bufname)               Move lines to buffer
N)   (.)N(regname):number        Number (assign)
        N(regname)|                (absolute value)
        N(regname)-                (switch signs)
        N(regname)+number          (add)
        N(regname)-number          (subtract)
        N(regname)*number          (multiply)
        N(regname)/number          (divide)
        N(regname)%number          (remainder)
        N(regname)~                (bit complement)
        N(regname)&number          (bitwise AND)
        N(regname)|number          (bit inclusive OR)
        N(regname)^number          (bit exclusive OR)
        N(regname)}number          (right bit shift)
        N(regname){number          (left bit shift)
        N(regname)=number          (test equality)
        N(regname)<number          (test less than)
        N(regname)>number          (test greater than)
        N(regname)Bnumber          (set base)
        N(regname)Dnumber          (set digits)
        N(regname)F<char>          (set fill char)
        N(regname)P                (print)
        N(regname)A                (assign line address)
        N(regname)L                (count characters)
O)      O[+|-]opt-char[parameters]   Options
        O[+|-]Bnumber              (in-core pages)
        O[+|-]C/s1/s2/             (replace s1 with s2
                                       on input)
        O[+|-]I(                   ( () on names)
        O[+|-]IA/string/           (text prompt)
        O[+|-]IC/string/           (command prompt)
        O[+|-]IEchar               (set escape char)
        O[+|-]IF                   (lf with return?)
        O[+|-]ILchar               (lower case input)
        O[+|-]IR/string/           (end of line prompt)
        O[+|-]IUchar               (upper case input)
        O[+|-]I\F                  (is \F necessary?)
        O[+|-]M                    (monitor)
        O[+|-]Ochars               (alt. output format)
        O[+|-]OL                   (lower case output)
        O[+|-]OO                   (oddities in octal)
        O[+|-]OU                   (upper case output)
        O[+|-]Pnumber              (set pagesize)
        O[+|-]Q                    (quit option)
        O[+|-]R                    (default read perms)
        O[+|-]S&                   (& and {}x in S)
        O[+|-]S/                   (is final "/" needed?)
        O[+|-]Schars               (pattern chars)
        O[+|-]SD                   (case in matches)
        O[+|-]Ttab-list            (set tabs)
P) (.,.)P                        Print
   (.,.)                         Print addressed lines
        nl                       Print ".+1"
Q)      Q                        Quit
        QQ                       Quit despite quest. buff
        Q!command                Quit with system call
R)   (0)R[X][ filename]          Read file
S) (.,.)S/pattern/string/        Substitute
T) (.,.)T[~]/pattern/            Test for pattern
U)   (.)U[number][T|F|E] commands   Repeat Until
V)      V                        Void last active line
W) (1,$)W[X][A|B][ filename]     Write file
Y)      Y                        Why error?
Z)   (.)Z                        Set address
     (.)ZA(bufname)              Append buffer
   (.,.)ZB                       Sort backwards
        ZC                       Clear questionable flag
        ZD(bufname)              Delete buffer
        ZG(bufname)commands      Gather output
   (.,.)ZI                       Zap in tabs
   (.,.)ZK(bufname)              Zap Kopy
   (.,.)ZL[/pattern/]            Zap Lower case
   (.,.)ZM(bufname)              Zap Move
   (.,.)ZO                       Zap out tabs
        ZP(bufname)              Print buffer
        ZR filename              Read file into new buff
   (.,.)ZS                       Sort forwards
   (.,.)ZT/string/string/        Translate
   (.,.)ZU[/pattern/]            Zap Upper case
        ZV                       Void V command
   (1,$)ZWoptions                Write append
!)      !command                 Call system command
")   (.)"comment                 Comment
#)      #                        Print count register
=)   (.)=                        Print line number
:)   (.):[number]                Window around line
\)      \number                  Go to sleep

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