ZI - Replace blank space with tabs (zap in tabs).




ZI scans one or more lines and replaces strings of blanks with tab characters wherever appropriate. This means that the string must have more than one blank in it and must end on a tab stop (as set by O+T). For example, if a line begins with four spaces and there is a tab stop set for column five, those initial four blanks are converted to a single tab character. Single blanks are not converted to tabs.

If you do not specify an address, ZI only scans the current line. If you specify one address, ZI scans that line. If you specify two addresses, ZI scans all the lines between and including the given lines. In this case, the first address must precede the second in the buffer.

If ZI inserts no tabs, FRED issues an error unless the command was executing from a buffer. ZI sets the condition register FALSE if no tabs were inserted, and TRUE otherwise. At the end of ZI's operation, FRED sets "." to the last line where ZI inserted tabs. If no tabs were inserted, "." is not changed.

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