The Database User Table

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.3.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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The Database User table lists MainBoss users from the point of view of SQL Server. It tells how each authorized MainBoss user accesses the MainBoss database.

There are two access possibilities:

The table viewer displays a line for each user and indicates how each user accesses the database. The table includes the following:

User name: The name that SQL Server uses for the person. This may be the person's Windows login name or a special name used by SQL Server. The person who created the database is identified by the special name dbo.

Login name: If someone accesses the database using Windows authentication, this column will list the person's full Windows login name (including any domain name).

Authentication: The type of authentication used. This will either be Windows Authentication or SQL Password.

Authentication options: This lists options associated with the selected user. The list includes:

IsSysAdmin: Checkmarked if the selected user has system administration privileges.

Enabled: Checkmarked if the user has a SQL password enabled.

IsLoginManager: Checkmarked if the user has permissions to manage logins.

InMainBossRole: Checkmarked if the user has the SQL Server MainBoss security role. This will be true for normal MainBoss users.

IsDBO: Checkmarked if the user is the database owner. By default, this will be the person who created the database.

New SQL Database User: Click this button to add a new user to the database. MainBoss will open a window where you can specify information about the user. For more, see Adding Database Users.

Delete: Deletes the record that's currently selected.

Search: Lets you search through the list of records for a particular record. For more information, see Searching for a Particular Record. The Search button has an accompanying drop-down list containing the following:

Find Next: Uses the same search condition(s) as your most recent search and finds the next record in the table that matches the condition(s). If the search reaches the end of the table without finding a matching record, it goes to the start of the table and continues the search.

Find Previous: Same as Find Next except that it goes backward in the table. If the search reaches the start of the table without finding a matching record, it goes to the end of the table and continues the search.

Refresh: Updates the list to reflect any recent changes.

Select: Selects the current user and returns to the previous window.

Cancel: Closes the window without selecting a user.

For more information on user records, see Users. For more information on creating or editing user records, see Editing MainBoss User Records. For general information on table viewers, see Using Table Viewers.

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