LITEFLUORWRL-2Y Fluorescent Light Fixture, Washing and Relamping - 2 Year

                                                       Man Hours .5/Fixture
Special Instructions:

This guideline notes that the fluorescent light fixtures should be washed every
2.5 years.  However, since the expected life of the fluorescent light tubes are
in excess of five years, the tubes should be replaced only every other washing.
The existing tubes should be reused on the interim washing.  Turn off branch
circuit at panel or individual light switch in room as appropriate. Do not
attempt to wash energized lights.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Disassemble fixture.  Wash all removable parts with warm water and a mild
      detergent.  Rinse and allow to drip dry.
2.___ Damp wipe remaining body of fixture in place.
3.___ Remove old fluorescent lamps and install new lamps.
4.___ Test light fixture.  Replace starters, where necessary.
      Note and report any needed electrical repairs.
5.___ Reassemble all removable parts to fixture.
6.___ Clean up area and remove any trash.

Tools & Materials:

 1.  Standard Tool Kit
 2.  Ladder
 3.  Cleaning materials

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