EMERGPP/VEN-A Emergency Pumps and Ventilators - Annual

Application:                                                Man Hours 3

This applies to portable emergency pumps and ventilating blowers and
includes electric, LP gas, gasoline, and pneumatic drive motors.

Special Instructions:

1.  Review manufacturer's instructions.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.  LP gas or gasoline engine.
    a.___ Change crankcase oil.
    b.___ Clean air and fuel filters; replace when necessary.
    c.___ Tune the engine.
    d.___ Operate engine and increase RPM until overspeed or governor operates.
          Adjust if necessary.
    e.___ Check for proper operation of speed controller.
    f.___ Check for proper alignment and for unusual or excessive vibration.
    g.___ Perform other work prescribed by manufacturer.
2.  Electric Motor - PM MOTOREL>1HP-A.
3.  Pneumatic Motor - Refer to manufacturer's instructions.
4.  Pump - Refer to appropriate pump inspection.
5.  Ventilating blower.
    a.___ Clean unit.
    b.___ Perform required lubrication.
    c.___ Check condition of housing, blades, and ventilating tube.
    d.___ Check to insure that mounting bolts are secure.

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Grease
3.  Oil

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