ELINDDISCOCR-A Induction Disc, Over Current Relay - Annual

                                                        Man Hours 1.5
Special Instructions:

1.  Schedule outage with operating personnel.
2.  Obtain and review manufacturer's instructions, circuit diagrams for relay,
    and test set.
3.  De-energize, lock-out, and tag the circuit.
4.  All tests shall conform to the appropriate ASTM test procedure and the values
    used shall conform to the manufacturer's and ANSI Standards specifications.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.  Visual and mechanical inspection.
    a.___ Mechanically and visually inspect panel wiring.
    b.___ Remove relay from case and visually inspect.
    c.___ Examine condition of bearings.
    d.___ Check all connections for tightness.
    e.___ Inspect contacts and contact backstops for pitting or burning.  Burnish
    f.___ Clean and remove foreign matter from permanent magnet and disc.
    g.___ Examine case connections, particularly current shorting links.
    h.___ Inspect disc restraint spring for proper tension and possible damage.
2.  Electrical test.
    a.___ Perform minimum pickup test to determine the minimum operating current.
          Adjust by moving control spring.
    b.___ Perform time and current characteristics tests according to system
          requirements and settings.  Adjust by moving time dial.
    c.___ Examine target and seal-in operation.
    d.___ Perform instantaneous element pickup test, and adjust as required.
    e.___ Check continuity of current circuit from relay to current transformer.
    f.___ Test ammeter transfer switch for "non-interruption" on current circuit.
    g.___ Calibrate panel ammeter within 3 percent of test meter reading.
    h.___ Mechanically operate the relay to ascertain that it will electrically
          trip the breaker.
    i.___ Record results of test and inspection and report deficiencies.
    j.___ Remove tags and lock, return the circuit to service.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
    Plus  Insulated pliers and screwdrivers
          Wire strippers
          Wire crimpers
          Voltmeter - Ohmmeter - Milliammeter
          Clamp on meter(volt - ohm - amp meter)
          Soldering kit
          1/8" 25' fish tape
          Burnishing tool
2.  Relay test set
3.  Cleaning Materials
4.  Test blocks and jumpers

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