ELBATTAB-Q Electrical, Alkaline Battery - Quarterly

Application:                                                Man Hours .25

This applies to batteries used on switch gear, control circuits, fire alarm
systems, sprinkler supervisory systems
and transformer supervisory systems where the source of D.C.
power must be reliable.

Special Instructions:

1.  Use caution in handling the electrolyte, it is injurious to the skin and
2.  Never smoke or carry an open flame in or near the battery room or area.
3.  Wear face shield, apron, and gloves.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Check and record voltage of entire battery.
2.___ Add distilled water to bring electrolyte up to required level.  Record
      water added.
3.___ Clean batteries removing salt accumulation.  Wiping with a clean disposable
      cloth is usually sufficient.
4.___ Check floating charge voltage on battery and make required adjustments.
5.___ Check and record specific gravity once per year.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Rubber protective equipment and face shield.

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