ELBATTLA-Q Electrical, Lead Acid Battery - Quarterly

Application:                                                Man Hours .25

This applies to batteries used on switch gear, control circuits, fire alarm
systems, sprinkler supervisory systems, and transformer supervisory systems where
the source of D.C. power must be reliable.

Special Instructions:

1.  Use caution in handling the batteries and electrolyte.  The electrolyte is
    injurious to the skin and clothing.
2.  Never smoke or carry an open flame in or near the battery room or area.
3.  Wear apron, face shield, and gloves.
4.  Never remove any connecting cables or straps while charger is on or there is
    a possibility of a load being on the batteries, (this can cause a spark that
    may ignite ever present hydrogen gas).
5.  Review manufacturer's instructions.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Check as found voltage and specific gravity for each cell and record date.
      Check and record the temperature of two cells in each row.
2.___ When the electrolyte is at the lowest mark, add distilled water to bring it
      to the proper level.
3.___ Raise voltage from charger for 8 to 24 hours to give the batteries an
      equalizing charge.  Then, return to floating rate.  4.  Check as left
      voltage and specific gravity for each cell and record data as above.
      Compare reading with manufacturer's recommendations.
5.___ Wipe dirt accumulation from batteries with disposable cloth taking care not
      to drop foreign matter into batteries.
6.___ Clean terminals and tighten connections checking condition of wiring.
7.___ Check battery cable for deterioration, paying special attention to wooden

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool kit.
2.  Rubber protective equipment and face shield.

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