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This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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    Software and Hardware Requirements
    Microsoft SQL Server
        Microsoft Report Viewer
    Installation Locations for MainBoss Software
        ClickOnce Deployment
    Manual Installation
        Manual Installation Overview
        Manually Installing MainBoss Software
    Creating a Maintenance Organization
    Entering License Keys
        Registering New Users with MainBoss
    Security Roles
        Testing Security Roles
        Roles for Administering MainBoss
    Installing MainBoss on Other Computers
    MainBoss Service
        General Principles of MainBoss Service
        Setting Up MainBoss Service
        Configuring MainBoss Service
        Installing MainBoss Service
        Deleting MainBoss Service
        The MainBoss Service Log
        Invoking MainBoss Service from a Command Line
        Transferring a Database to a New Computer
        MainBoss Service and MainBoss Upgrades
        Customizing and Translating MainBoss Service Messages
    Using Multiple Maintenance Organizations
        Start Modes
    Command Line Options
        Start Modes on the MainBoss Command Line
        Culture Information on the MainBoss Command Line
        Invoking Compact Browsers with the MainBoss Command Line
        Creating Desktop Icons that Use Command Line Options
        Backups within MainBoss
        Restoring a Backup Within MainBoss
    The MBUtility Command
        Getting Help for MBUtility
        Listing MainBoss Organizations
        Built-In Data Schemas
        Exporting Data from Your Database
        An Example of Exporting to Excel 2007
        An Example of Exporting to Excel 2010
        An Example of Exporting to Excel 2013
        Importing Data into Your Database
        Adding Organizations
        Backing Up Your Database with MBUtility
        Adding an Administrator to a Database
        Exporting and Importing Customizations
        Working with Active Directory
Appendix A: Setting Up SQL Server
    SQL Server Installation
    Backups with SQL Server
        Using SQL Server to Restore a Database from Backup
    SQL Express Considerations
        Installing SQL Express
        Backups with SQL Express
    SQL Server Maintenance
    SQL Server and MainBoss Service
Appendix B: Troubleshooting
    General Advice
    Testing for the Server's Machine Presence
    Testing That a User Can Connect with the Server Machine
    Comparing the DNS Name and Active Directory Name
    SQL Server Configuration
    Adjusting the Firewall
        Granting Access to a Program through the Firewall
        Firewall Off and On
    Local Security Settings
    Authorizing Users in SQL Server
    Testing Whether a User Has Access to SQL Server and the MainBoss Database
    Testing Database Access with Microsoft Excel
    Testing Database Access with SQL Server Management Studio Express
    Testing POP3/IMAP4 Permissions for MainBoss Service
    Testing that You Can Start and Stop MainBoss Service
    General Troubleshooting
Appendix C: MainBossWeb
    MainBossWeb System Requirements
        Minimum Server Configuration
    License Keys
    Initial Set-Up
    Security Considerations
    Application Pools
        Giving Folder Permissions to Network Service or the Application Pool Identity
        Giving SQL Server Permissions to Network Service or the Application Pool Identity
    Web Sites vs. Applications
    Adding and Configuring an Application
    Adding and Configuring a Web Site
    Authentication Settings
    Application Settings
        Software Initialization
    Accessing SQL Server on a Different Computer
    Integrating MainBossWeb with MainBoss Service
    MainBossWeb Troubleshooting
    Cookie Usage


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