QUEUE - list the contents of system scheduler queues.


queue [snumb]* [.queue-name]* [option]*


(+|-)All (-)      (+|-)Verbose (-)
(+|-)Zdebug (-)
causes display of all jobs in the queues searched, even if they are not active anymore. This option also implies +Verbose.
causes display of only active jobs in the queues searched.
gives more information about the jobs displayed.
gives information that system-programmers may find useful. Currently only the first j* llink is given. This option also implies +Verbose.
displays only specified snumb(s) from the queues searched. This implies +Verbose.
specifies which queues are to be searched. Normally all queues are searched.

Note that the "snumb" and ".queue-name" specifications are ANDed.


QUEUE is used for obtaining information about batch jobs which are still queued by the system.

For a description of the queues in which your job may be placed, see "expl batch queues".


   x693t 08/Aug/81 23:08:15
*queue +v
   x693t 08/Aug/81 23:08:15 ["h] prio=26 (Waiting)
*queue +a
   x693t 08/Aug/81 23:08:15 ["h] prio=26 (Waiting)
   unixt 08/Aug/81 17:54:39 [00] prio=22 (Saved -sent to PALC)
   rmv01 08/Aug/81 23:11:29 [00] prio=28 (Saved -sent to PALC)

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