QUEUES - queues for batch jobs.


When a job enters the system, its resource requirements are analyzed and it is placed into a job class (and a queue). A job is eligible for scheduling if its job class has been "opened" by the operator and if the number of jobs of that class already running in the system does not exceed a specified number. If these conditions aren't met, your job goes into a system scheduler queue.

Generally speaking, the more processor time and the more special resources (like tapes) you require, the better the chance it will get stuck in a queue and the longer it will take to get your job through the system.

A job is positioned in a queue according to its "priority" relative to other jobs. Priority is assigned when a job enters the system and NEVER changes; it is a function of the maximum processor time and the maximum amount of memory you request in the entire job (not just one activity).

The following list shows the job classes at Waterloo. Your job is placed into the first queue in the list which describes your job's resources.

Jobs spawned by the operator from the system console.
Jobs requiring a dedicated printer ($PRINT card present).
Jobs requiring one or more tapes ($TAPE card present).
Jobs asking for 150K or more of memory and 50 or more centi-hours of run time.
Jobs asking for 150K or more of memory and 3-49 centi-hours of run time.
Jobs asking for less than 150K of memory but 50 or more centi-hours of run time.
Jobs requiring 10-49 centi-hours of run time and less than 150 of memory.
Jobs asking for 3-9 centi-hours of time and less than 150k of memory.
Jobs asking for 1-2 centi-hours of processor time.

Special system queues:

holds jobs which are eligible for allocation, but which cannot run because the system is not scheduling Jobs (sometimes at operator request).
Jobs eligible to be run, but waiting for some special resource, such as a tape mount or an available printer. Jobs waiting until a specific time also are placed here.

Some of the above queues are summarized in the following table:

  \                    SIZE
    \   | 1K-30K  |   30K-150K |   150K-...  |
TIME  \ |         |            |             |
  1-2   |        QUICK         |   QCORE     |
  3-9   |        NORM          |             |
--------------------------------             -
 10-49  |         BIG          |   CORE      |
 50-... |         WOW          |   NEVER     |

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