LSTWT - list SYSOUT jobs waiting and SYSOUT status.




LSTWT will report the available spool space for SYSOUT in units of blinks (60 llinks). It also gives the number of used blinks, the number of blinks on which an I/O error has occurred (if any), the total number of blinks configured, the number of recoverable blinks, and the number of waiting backdoors if any. Recoverable blinks are those which belong to jobs which have finished printing, but haven't been released yet (and can thus be re-printed). Sysout will release these jobs as the number of free blinks drops below a threshold. The number of used blinks includes the recoverable blinks.

LSTWT then summarizes table usage for the JOT table (which describes all spooled output). Once again, the total usage includes completed jobs which have not been released yet. The JOT table space used by such jobs will be given if it is non-zero.

Finally, LSTWT gives the list of non-backdoor jobs, classified according to the presence of ASCII or BCD printer/punch output. Jobs which have started printing are marked with an asterisk ("*"). Jobs which are waiting for JOUT processing are marked with "j". The jobs are listed in the order they are found in the JOT table.

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