BW - list batch jobs waiting.


BW [userid Snumb=sssss -Executing -SCheduler -SYsout]


List all jobs belonging to the current user.
bw bbwolf
List all jobs belonging to user BBWOLF.
bw -exec -sched
List just the user's sysout jobs.


List jobs belonging to specified user. If no userid is specified, and the Snumb= option is not specified, BW will look for jobs belonging to the user issuing the command.
List all occurences of the specified snumb, regardless of the userid. This is something like doing a "JSTS sssss", but unlike JSTS, BW will display all jobs that share the snumb.
Do not search jobs that are executing. The term "executing" is used loosely here and refers to any job not in sysout or still queued in the scheduler. This will include jobs in allocation and termination. Default +Executing.
Do not search the system scheduler queue file. Default +SCheduler.
Do not search jobs in sysout. Default +SYsout.


BW is usually used to find all jobs that run under a specified userid. It finds jobs in the queues, jobs in the system, and jobs in SYSOUT. BW also displays the SYSOUT IDs (SIDs) for any jobs in SYSOUT. This is useful, since SIDs can help distinguish between SYSOUT for jobs whose SNUMBs are the same.


Some jobs in GEIN do not yet have an associated userid, and so will not be reported on a list by userid.

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