JMON - monitor a batch job.


jmon [snumb,snumb,snumb,...][:njout]


jmon e607t
jmon f999e,j666x:njout


are the snumbs of one or more jobs. If no snumbs are specified, JMON will monitor your current job (i.e. the one most recently submitted).
indicates that JOUT should not be called when a job is finished. By default, JOUT will be called.


JMON monitors one or more batch jobs, checking their status every few seconds. To stop monitoring at any time, hit "break". As long as the job has the same status, JMON will print a series of "."s out. It will print "!" and beep the terminal if a message arrives for the terminal.

If no snumbs are given, JMON checks to see if there is a snumb left over from the last job submitted from your terminal. If no snumb is found, JMON will print an error message and exit.

As soon as the job finishes executing, a termination status is printed. Normally, JMON will call JOUT to let you peruse your output. The ":NJOUT" option tells JMON not to call JOUT.

JMON can find jobs that are in queues as well as in the system. If a job is not accessible, it either means that the job doesn't exist or is in the process of changing status.

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