JABT - abort a batch or print job.


jabt [<snumb>|*] [(+|-)Dump] [(+|-)Output]


is the SNUMB of the job to be aborted. If the SNUMB is not given or if it is "*", the user's current SNUMB is used.
prevents the dumping of the slave memory area of the aborted job.
deletes the job from the output queue. This may be used to kill a backdoor (SLIST or KLIST) request.
allows the user to abort anybody's job. It also allows the job to be aborted when the userid cannot be checked for some reason. The use of this option requires LODS permissions.


The JABT command is used to abort a batch or print job. The program finds the job, ensures that your userid matches the owner of the job, and aborts the job.

Normally, the system decides whether or not a dump should be produced by looking at the "DUMP" option on the activity card; however, if "-Dump" is specified for JABT, no dump will be produced regardless of what the activity card says.


Once the job is found and the abort request submitted, the program does not verify its success.

See Also:

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to find the SNUMBs of your backdoor print requests.
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to find the SNUMBs of your batch jobs.

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