BOFF - B Obscure Feature Finder.


boff mode [options]*

Recognized modes are:

Abort        Evaluate        Hstar
Patch        PRofile         Run


boff eval 800+1634*12\o
boff p oddfile
boff run myhstar,module "input +progopt"
boff a


BOFF, the B Obscure Feature Finder, is a collection of debugging programs which share a uniform syntax. BOFF may be used to debug programs written in any language, but it is particularly useful for B, C, and Pascal.

BOFF may operate in many different modes, each identified by the "mode" field on the command line. The options for different modes vary; for full details, see the explain file for each mode.

Below we briefly describe the various modes.

This mode may be used to examine abort files from programs that terminate abnormally.
This mode may be used to evaluate B expressions and display the results in a variety of output formats.
This mode may be used to examine an hstar file; it can also be used to patch the contents of such files.
This mode may be used to examine and patch the contents of any file, whether it contains a load module or not.
This mode may be used to profile the execution of a B program, giving detailed information on the number of times each statement is executed.
This mode may be used to "babysit" a program during execution. Using this mode, it is possible to examine the code and the variables of the program at any time during the course of execution.
This mode lets you examine and patch a Virtual Mode run-unit.

See Also:

expl boff manual
for a complete guide to BOFF.
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