TANKFUELOIL-4Y Tanks, Fuel Oil Storage - 4 Years

                                                      Man Hours 6.25
Special Instructions:

1.  If a person must enter tank, test for oxygen deficiency, and supply proper
    respirator as needed.
2.  Safety harness must be worn.
3.  Review manufacturer's instructions.
4.  Review Procedures for Confined Space Entry.
5.  Review Procedures for Selection, Care, and Use of Respiratory Protection.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___ Prior to end of heating season, adjust oil deliveries so oil will be
       nearly consumed.
2. ___ Remove manhole.
3. ___ Pump oil tank down to within 6" of bottom of tank.
4. ___ Pump sludge from bottom of tank and flush.  Dispose of appropriately.  If
       the material removed from the tank is hazardous waste, contact the
       supervisor for instructions.
5. ___ Disconnect heating coil, remove from tank and clean.
6. ___ Examine tank for leaks, condition of piping connections.
7. ___ Clean and adjust oil transfer pumps (oil or steam driven).
8. ___ Examine, clean, and adjust operation of strainers, traps, control valves,
       oil flow meter, oil temperature and pressure gauges.
9. ___ Check floats and leveling devices in tank.  Check float adjustment with
       depth level indicators.
10.___ Clean breather vents, conservation vents, and flame arrestors where
11.___ Clean up work area, and remove all debris.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
    Plus Pipe wrenches to 24"
         Tubing cutters
         Flaring tool
         Small acetylene outfit
         Packing tool kit and packing
         3/4" socket set
         Crescent wrenches to 14"
2.  Goggles
3.  Respirator
4.  Safety harness

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