SWEEPERGP-SA Sweeper, Gas Powered - Semi-Annual

                                                      Man Hours 3
Special Instructions:

1.  Review manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.
2.  Daily lubrication should be accomplished by the operator.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Change oil and filter every fifty operating hours.
2.___ Service air and fuel filters.
3.___ Inspect engine, clean cooling air passages.
4.___ Clean and gap, or change spark plug.
5.___ Check oil level in gear boxes.
6.___ Adjust tension and/or replace V-belts.
7.___ Adjust brakes, brushes, and operating mechanisms as recommended by the
      manufacturer's instructions.
8.___ Inspect entire unit.
9.___ Clean up work area and remove all debris.

Tools & Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
2.  Oil
3.  Gap gauge
4.  Brake adjusting tool
5.  Belts
6.  Spark plug (if required)

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