STRAINERBFLG-A Strainer, Bolted Flange Type - Annual

                                            6-14 Bolts Man Hours 2
                                           14-34 Bolts Man Hours 8
                                           34-58 Bolts Man Hours 16
                                             58+ Bolts Man Hours 36
Special Instructions:

1.  The maintenance of bolted flange type strainers, as outlined by this PM
    Inspection, should be scheduled to coincide with the maintenance of the
    equipment that they are associated with.
2.  Review manufacturer's instructions.
3.  Secure and tag inlet and outlet valves.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1.___ Remove flange cover bolts.
2.___ If required, use hoist or crane to remove cover plate.
3.___ Remove device or devices; clean and inspect for damage.
4.___ Clean strainer housing cover plate and any interior apparatus.  Check for
      cracks and deterioration.
5.___ Install new cover gasket and reassemble.
6.___ Remove tags and open valves; check for leaks.

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
2.  Hose and bucket
3.  Gaskets or gasket material
4.  Crane or hoist

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