PMPGEAR/RECP-A Pump, Gear and Reciprocating - Annual

                                                      Man Hours 3
Special Instructions:

1.  Review manufacturer's instructions.
2.  Pump maintenance should be scheduled to coincide with drive motor PM
    Inspection MOTOREL>1HP
4.  Open, tag, and lock out circuits serving motor when applicable.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___ Check that base bolts are securely fastened.
2. ___ Observe pump in operation, noting unusual noises or vibration, pressure or
3. ___ After shutdown, check suction and discharge valves for holding.
4. ___ Remove cover and inspect internal drive components, looking for proper
       clearances, wear, or corrosion.
5. ___ Lubricate all fittings.
6. ___ Drain oil, flush, and fill to proper level with new oil.  Review the
       Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper disposal of used oil.  If
       appropriate, recycle oil at an authorized station.
7. ___ Clean strainer and replace any cartridge type filters.
8. ___ Check packing and adjust or replace as necessary.
9. ___ If applicable, check belts for wear, adjust tension and alignment, and
       replace belts as necessary.
10.___ If applicable, check drive shaft coupling and motor and pump alignment.

Tools and Materials:

1.  Standard Tool Kit
    Plus Pipe wrenches to 24"
         Tubing cutters
         Flaring tool
         Small acetylene outfit
         Packing tool kit and packing
         3/4" socket set
         Crescent wrenches to 14"
2.  Grease gun, grease, oil

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