HUMDSYS-SA Humidification Systems - Semi-Annual

                                                     Man Hours 1
Special Instructions.

1.  Review manufacturer's instructions.
2.  Review the Procedure for "Selection, Care, and Use of
    Respiratory Protection."
3.  Turn off water supply.
4.  Secure electrical service before servicing humidification system, if
5.  Use of work gloves may be necessary due to caustic residual mineral deposits.

Items to Check & Initial Completion:

1. ___  Operate humidistat through its throttling range to verify activation, or
        deactivation of humidifier.
2. ___  Clean and flush condensate pans, drains, water pans, etc.  Remove
        corrosion, and repaint as needed.  If a corrosion preventive chemical is
        used, ensure that it does not become a part of the indoor air by creating
        large amounts of volatile organic compounds or irritants.  Check the
        Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to see what hazardous products are
        present.  If hazardous products are present rinse very well before the
        system is returned to use.  Ensure that the paint lead level is 0.06% or
3. ___  Check condition of heating element.  Clean steam coils.
4. ___  Clean steam/water spray nozzles.  Adjust/replace as needed.
5. ___ Chemically clean exterior of coil to remove scale and   encrustations.
6. ___ Inspect steam trap for proper operation.
7. ___ Inspect pneumatic controller for air leaks.
8. ___ Inspect water lines for leaks and corrosion.  Tighten all connections and
       repair leaks.

Tools & Materials.

1.  Standard Tool Kit
    Plus  Refrigeration - gauges
          Leak detector-electronic or halogen
          Pocket thermometer
          Clamp on meter (volt - ohm - amp meter)
          Flaring tool
          Tubing cutters
          Packing kit and packing
          Crescent wrenches to 14"
2.  Psychrometer
3.  Coil cleaning chemical.  Consult the MSDS for hazardous ingredients and
    proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
4.  Work gloves
5.  Safety goggles
6.  Respirator

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